#NewYearNewArmy – Part 6 – HQ

Another hobby session, and another step closer to de-greying the combat patrol. Only the infantry squad and heavy weapons squad to go now... Today’s entry is the raison d’etre of the whole force: Lord Adeodatus de Lattyr, Rogue Trader. I can see a few little splodges for clean-up already 😦 Using the wonderful Necromunda Kal … Continue reading #NewYearNewArmy – Part 6 – HQ

#NewYearNewArmy – Part 4 – Fast Attack

I’m calling the Scout sentinel done. Pretty standard paint job on this and only some minor kitbashing with the Bretonnian Man-at-arms head for the pilot. This is to tie in with the veteran squad, and fits the theme I have for my force of some retired Guardsmen being called up again following an erroneous order … Continue reading #NewYearNewArmy – Part 4 – Fast Attack