Making a scene

My #NewYearNewArmy this time round is what is often referred to as ‘the third army’ i.e. terrain. I was given the Killzone: Munitorum Hub for Christmas by my long suffering wife, which has supplied me with a bit of terrain to build and also a nice cardboard mat which connects (on one side at least) … Continue reading Making a scene

Hobby New Year!

Welcome one and all to that most productive of days! The day when promises are made as to the wondrous achievements expected over the next year. Today I’ve been reviewing the progress made over the last year in getting the troops ready for battle, as well as catching up on other’s efforts. This is my … Continue reading Hobby New Year!

March Forwards!

February's output was nowhere near what I wanted to achieve, in fact I haven't painted anything since my last update. I even missed out on painting up Severina Raine for Lead Balloony's Fembruary challenge. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, the other two players in our household Tale of Four Three Gamers have … Continue reading March Forwards!