The Purging of Dontoria – narrative game

The sound of screams pierced the compartment as the landing ramp began to open. Standing ready with chain sword in hand, Captain Hills of the 9th Gallia Yeomanry stared at his men. How many would make it through today he wondered as he watched them perform their final checks. “Lads!” he bellowed. “And ladies!” came … Continue reading The Purging of Dontoria – narrative game

Starhammer 40Krave

I like a skirmish game, particularly one that involves an intrepid band of warriors smashing into a different flavour of intrepid warriors, so I finally picked up Stargrave yesterday. I’ve had a brief glance at the book, and am liking what I’m seeing so far but haven’t really delved into the minutia of gameplay. That … Continue reading Starhammer 40Krave