More auxilia join the army

Finishing up the Guard paint queue are these five. In the front row are Rein and Raus from Blackstone Fortress, with Espern Locarno the navigator from the same on the rear left. I’ll probably use the navigator as an astropath, rather than the special character. Another commissar has been assigned to ensure that the troops … Continue reading More auxilia join the army

#NewYearNewArmy – Part 2 – HQ

First HQ unit done: Aradia Madellan - Primaris Psyker from the Blackstone Fortress Escalation game. I was trying to work out which HQ to do first, the psyker or Creed. Decided to go with the psyker as she's usable in both Kill Team and 40k. Wow, the camera's really unforgiving... Took me about 4 1/2 … Continue reading #NewYearNewArmy – Part 2 – HQ