Raise the Banner

An impromptu hobby session tonight led me to painting up a banner for my rogue trader. In a previous post (https://lasgunsandroses.wordpress.com/2021/01/29/kitbash-corner-colour-sergeant-kell/) I had put together a banner bearer to represent Colour Sergeant Kell when I intended to run the rogue trader as a ‘counts as’ Creed. Plans change and Kell fell by the wayside as … Continue reading Raise the Banner

The final Command?

The third (and final?) command squad is done. These are hoary old veterans forming the Company command squad for Major <TBD>. The bodies came from the last remaining Bretonnian men at arms that I had. The vox caster has the GSC Nexos comms device instead of the backpack for a more low tech feel. The … Continue reading The final Command?