Back in Black (and green)

I don’t usually post work in progress shots, but as there has been very little progress in the last month I’m making an exception. Having been very distracted from 40k with a return to RPG campaign building it’s high time my rogue trader got some more painted troops. I still need to have at least … Continue reading Back in Black (and green)

#NewYearNewArmy – Parts 9 & 10- Elites

Time for another update! Given the awful weather we've had recently, I've not really been able to prime anything (either too wet or too windy), so I decided to look through my upcoming models to see what was 'brush ready'. The tally was (from the top left, clockwise):- company command squad- 1/2 infantry squad (I … Continue reading #NewYearNewArmy – Parts 9 & 10- Elites

Transferring in

I started getting the last two squads base coated tonight. Only the flesh done so far. Sixteen models in total is probably the most I’ve painted at one time since my historical wargame days. I also finished off the bullgryns’ brute shields, giving me some options in play. Magnetised for easy switching. The eagle-eyed among … Continue reading Transferring in