Ready for lift off

I’ve been very busy since my last post, unfortunately not hobby wise 😦 We’ve decided to up sticks and sell the house so I’ve been limited to 1:1 terrain building as I tackled my first go at tiling. Apparently they can go on the wall as well as being used for paint palettes. Who knew? … Continue reading Ready for lift off

Cardboard City

As a break from painting miniatures until reinforcements arrive for the Guard, I’ve been putting together some terrain to fit on the KillTeam boards we have. As these boards are based on the old Realm of Battle boards that were sized for the Cities of Death Imperial Sector plastic kits, rather than the newer Sector … Continue reading Cardboard City

Making a scene

My #NewYearNewArmy this time round is what is often referred to as ‘the third army’ i.e. terrain. I was given the Killzone: Munitorum Hub for Christmas by my long suffering wife, which has supplied me with a bit of terrain to build and also a nice cardboard mat which connects (on one side at least) … Continue reading Making a scene