Ready for lift off

I’ve been very busy since my last post, unfortunately not hobby wise 😦

We’ve decided to up sticks and sell the house so I’ve been limited to 1:1 terrain building as I tackled my first go at tiling. Apparently they can go on the wall as well as being used for paint palettes. Who knew?

With the ‘For Sale’ sign now firmly tacked in place, I can get back to the important stuff: my toy soldiers.

I’ve had a couple of great games of 40k over the last weekend and also dabbled in One Page Rules’ Grimdark Future. This is a rule set with a couple of benefits over 40k: it’s simple enough to understand and play, it’s quick and fun, and it’s free. I’m wondering if it may be too simple but I see there’s some advanced rules in the $4.99 full rule book that may assuage some of that, as well as some house rules as and when needed. I’m going to play some larger games and try out more of the ruleset soon, but the few practice games have shown a lot of promise.

Some more units have made their way to the priming station today:

First up is another Infantry Squad. Kindly gifted to me by a friend, these required minimal alteration by replacing a grenade launcher with a plasma gun to bolster the 2nd platoon. I’d also rebuilt the lascannon team I had with a missile launcher so they got sprayed up too.

Next up is a unit of ratlings gifted by the same friend. I’d been unsure as to whether to field some ratlings in the force, but these cheeky chaps are perfect to join Rein and Raus and replace the human sniper team I had planned. They’ll give the force more of a 40k feel, which I think can be diluted with too many human infantry.

Hoping to get all these painted up soon.

Other than that, I’ve got no further on the terrain I’d been building, although there’s some promise in spare vinyl tiles left over from the kitchen.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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