Cardboard City

As a break from painting miniatures until reinforcements arrive for the Guard, I’ve been putting together some terrain to fit on the KillTeam boards we have.

As these boards are based on the old Realm of Battle boards that were sized for the Cities of Death Imperial Sector plastic kits, rather than the newer Sector Imperialis kits, I decided to make up some good old fashioned cardboard terrain to go on top.

I took my inspiration from those same Cities of Death kits and a couple of videos by Wyloch on YouTube.

I sourced the chipboard for this project from some old ring binders that had seen better days.

The size was somewhat dependent on the chipboard pieces I had salvaged, but this corner ruin based on the Basilicanum (?) is about 10 inches/25cm in height.

Detailed with cereal box card to add the banding, window sills, and floor tiles.

I’ve also started to block out the shapes for the Shrine of the Aquila, Manufactorum, and Sanctum.

I’m hoping to build four sections for the Shrine of the Aquila in order to make a full building, and an additional copy of the other three buildings to fill out the other board with.

More detailing to go and then painting! I’m also doing some 1:1 scale terrain in redecorating the entire house at the moment so hobby time is taking a bit of a back seat for the time being, but I’ll grab it while I can.

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