The Colonel

I’ve painted a couple of Catachan special characters for use with this army: Sly Marbo and Sergeant Harker. It was time to complete the trio with Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ Straken.

I originally wanted to base this one on a chaos cultist champion from the Dark Vengeance box, inspired by a conversion I saw on the Eternal Hunt blog:

There was one problem: I knew I had the base cultist model, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked to pick one up online but couldn’t find one at the right price. I resolved to wait until it turned up instead.

But then the call of the bits box whispered from the corner.

Taking the cultist body from the kitbash of Colour Sergeant Kell I did a year back, I removed the torso and replaced it with the medal bearing one from the Cadian Command sprue.

A shotgun was donated from the Space Marine Scouts (with the grip from a holstered one) and fit into a Catachan hand from the heavy weapon sprue. A Scion head completed the main body. Some messing about and greenstuff was needed to get the left arm into the right position.

The rather large sword came from an old Dark Elf warrior sprue in a nod to the Eternal Hunt conversion. Straken also has a plasma pistol in its large holster from the Delaque kit.

The sword is massive, probably too big in all honesty, but this represents the legendary ‘Devils Claw’ and looks like it could take down some large beasties.

He’ll be a good model to represent an Arch-Militant in the Rogue Trader RPG, and could also make a Captain or First Mate in Stargrave.

UPDATE: I wasn’t really happy with the sword and the Commissar was looking at him funny for having a blade of obvious Xenos manufacture, so I found another bit in the box that I think looks better.

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