Starhammer 40Krave

I like a skirmish game, particularly one that involves an intrepid band of warriors smashing into a different flavour of intrepid warriors, so I finally picked up Stargrave yesterday.

I’ve had a brief glance at the book, and am liking what I’m seeing so far but haven’t really delved into the minutia of gameplay.

That hasn’t stopped me from drafting a crew from my existing miniature collection as it seems like the perfect game to run a Rogue Trader crew with.

The Captain is a Rogue (powers to be determined, but Concealed Weapon is on the shortlist).

His First Mate is a Veteran, represented by the pistol and shotgun wielding Van Saar. I think this is a good representation for heavy armour.

The other Van Saars are troopers and a Gunner specialist, with the Gryph Hound standing in for a Guard Dog.

A chiseler is represented by the Servitor and a hacker by the Navigator. They are both techy looking and the Navigator has that Walkman style thing that can pass for a deck. I may make the Servitor/Chiseler into a robot once I’ve read those rules.

The final slot for my eight soldiers is taken up by a medic. A little out of place in his fatigues, but represents light armour and a pistol from the list well.

I have no idea how effective such a crew might be, but then that’s not really the point. Stargrave appears to be a narrative style game from what I’ve read and seen online, and while it’s nice to win, it’s nicer to have fun.

Now to read those rules and have a game!

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