Raise the Banner

An impromptu hobby session tonight led me to painting up a banner for my rogue trader.

In a previous post (https://lasgunsandroses.wordpress.com/2021/01/29/kitbash-corner-colour-sergeant-kell/) I had put together a banner bearer to represent Colour Sergeant Kell when I intended to run the rogue trader as a ‘counts as’ Creed. Plans change and Kell fell by the wayside as I moved on with an alternative.

As in the text above, when a Rogue Trader is appointed, they are given a badge and a banner. My Guard units have already been given the badge on their armour and so the banner needed to be represented also.

The only real option was to put the banner in the bodyguard unit of Voidsmen I painted recently using the Van Saar gangers.

A simple bit of surgery to remove the dagger that this figure had and replace it with the banner instead.

The banner itself was just an old Space Marine (Captain?) back banner with the eagle from an old 2nd edition banner top.

It looks a little bit ‘Ultramariney’ to me, but I think that’s just the blue and white scheme together with the knowledge that it’s a space marine banner.

I’m thinking that this ancient warrant was issued during the dark days of the Imperium Secundus, a story told in the book Unremembered Empire. The warrant itself is kept in a stasis vault on Terra as a holy relic, befitting a document signed by a Primarch.

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