Sight beyond sight – Astropaths

To provide some psychic support, two Astropaths have joined the Imperial Guard force. I’ve never really had the opportunity to play with psykers before, so these two space wizards should be some fun laying down powers to bolster my troops or reveal enemy combatants.

The one on the left was a kitbash using a GW Chainrasp and some bits from the Van Saar sprue. I used the cabling that extends from the gangers heads as the tentacles that this guy shuffles around on. I’m not as fond of this one, and did toy with making it a servitor instead. I may make another one and give Mechanicus red a try.

The one on the right was a minor conversion from a Delaque ganger very kindly sent to me by a local hobbyist. The addition of a pointy finger, minor modifications to the eyes to remove the lenses on the head, and some greenstuff to add the eye belt buckle. Before painting, he reminded me of the Spacing Guild from Dune (1984), and I did consider a darker scheme, but I like the green and purple.

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