Hobby New Year!

Welcome one and all to that most productive of days! The day when promises are made as to the wondrous achievements expected over the next year.

Today I’ve been reviewing the progress made over the last year in getting the troops ready for battle, as well as catching up on other’s efforts.

This is my finished hobby bingo. 460 points I think?

Not all the models I completed have found a space on the board, and I should really have had those two remaining vehicle boxes checked off, but I neglected to purchase the required Sentinels.

Most of the progress on the Guard was in January and December, with other projects taking precedent in the mid-year (A Dragon’s Lair Arcade game homage and setting up a fan organisation for the HackMaster RPG).

As I’ve alluded to in a couple of recent posts I have a plan of sorts to finish off the Guard army (for now…).

I’m splitting the lascannon/missile launcher squad and attaching the two missile launchers to squads in Red platoon.

The redeployed four troopers from those squads will form the core of a new squad with grenade launcher and a missile launcher team furnished by new recruits.

The lascannon will be joined by two more to complete a Heavy Weapon Squad. A further two heavy weapons squads (mortars and anti-infantry) will be procured.

A further infantry squad will be recruited to join Green platoon, armed with a plasma gun.

An additional Astropath is planned to sub in for the Navigator (just because I’ve got some ideas for a model… and two Astropaths may be handy).

Finally, two more Sentinels are planned to join the support squadron in Blue platoon, along with a Sniper Rifle Special Weapons Squad.

If I’ve done my sums right, then the pure Guard portion of the list (excluding special characters and staying with one Astropath) clocks in at just under 2,000 points and fits into a Brigade and a Vanguard detachment.

I’ve also got my eye on collecting a small Black Templars Space Marine force to represent the Rogue Traders attached marines. The Combat Patrol box looks reasonable enough, especially if I swap out the Repulsor vehicle for a Chaplain. I’m going to try to stick to just that 500 points combat patrol but who knows what the power of a bolter will do to my intentions…

I hope that this year treats you all well, and that any sadness that may touch your lives is counterbalanced by at least as much joy.


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