Astra Militarum 500 and 1,000 point lists

Having spent the last 18 months working on this Guard army, I’ve had very little in the way of practice games. While my preference is for narrative play, sometimes you have to focus on just getting the rules down for the game. Ninth edition 40k is a heck of a beast, the core rules themselves … Continue reading Astra Militarum 500 and 1,000 point lists

The Colonel

I’ve painted a couple of Catachan special characters for use with this army: Sly Marbo and Sergeant Harker. It was time to complete the trio with Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ Straken. I originally wanted to base this one on a chaos cultist champion from the Dark Vengeance box, inspired by a conversion I saw on the … Continue reading The Colonel

Making a scene

My #NewYearNewArmy this time round is what is often referred to as ‘the third army’ i.e. terrain. I was given the Killzone: Munitorum Hub for Christmas by my long suffering wife, which has supplied me with a bit of terrain to build and also a nice cardboard mat which connects (on one side at least) … Continue reading Making a scene