Harker’s Heavy Bolter Sings…

Okay, so when I said I’d finished the Guard paint queue I was fibbing a little. There was one unit left: my version of Sergeant ‘Stonetooth’ Harker.

Made from a Chaos cultist and a Bretonnian head, the heavy stubber was cut down to form a heavy bolter, and a space marine bolt round was added to hide where the chaos star was removed.

Standard tabletop job, but I struggled to find areas on the model to add the red spot colour, so the scabbard band and his glove will have to do. Adds at least a little interest to an otherwise shades of brown and green model.

According to the current rules, he’s 3 power/55 points for an assault type heavy bolter and a re-roll ones to hit aura (6” radius which applies to all Catachan units, including vehicles). That’s a bare bones infantry squad worth of points, and leaves him somewhat over costed in my opinion.

However, he’s an interesting enough choice if I take Catachan and we’ll see what he can do on the field.

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