More auxilia join the army

Finishing up the Guard paint queue are these five.

In the front row are Rein and Raus from Blackstone Fortress, with Espern Locarno the navigator from the same on the rear left. I’ll probably use the navigator as an astropath, rather than the special character.

Another commissar has been assigned to ensure that the troops stay loyal. Each of the three platoons now has one of these disciplinarians.

Finally, the company marksman. I don’t have a squad for him yet, but I’m planning a special weapons squad with two additional snipers and three other guardsman built as spotters.

So that’s it for the Guard for the moment until the Munitorum grants my next requisition. To keep me going in the meantime, I’ll be tackling the containers and galvanic servohaulers/conservators from Killzone Munitorum.

Away from the painting desk, I’ve also managed a few small 250 point games against the T’au to refresh my rules knowledge. We just threw down a couple of units on a single Killzone board (22×30) with a single objective: Kill Them All!

The Guard were victorious in this battle, although it came down to a single combat between the Rogue Trader and the Cadre Fireblade.

I forgot how much fun a quick skirmish like this can be.

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