He drew first blood…

It was the 5th February 2020 and I was perusing the GW website, blissfully unaware of the gathering clouds that would herald the arrival of that horseman Pestilence.

Looking through the Imperial Guard section I was somewhat disheartened to see that the models had not really seen an update since the early 2000’s and was questioning my choice of force for building a kill team.

Then it appeared. The model that threw me back to late ‘94. Sly Marbo.

Now, ol’ Sly wasn’t around in 94 so what in the Emperor’s name am I on about?

In the first White Dwarf I bought was an advert for these fellows. Well, I was an avid viewer of Vietnam War movies at the time (thanks to my brother) and these really caught my attention. I bought a blister pack which had three from the top row in (from left 1,3, & 4).

I painted up number 3 with my best effort and, foolish young man that I was, entered it into Golden Demon at Games Day 1995. I hope that it was at least amusing to some who glanced upon it among the thousands of better paint jobs.

The latest incarnation of Sly really captures that 2nd edition style for me, certainly better than the old metal one ever did.

Definitely not expendable!

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