Nearly New Year, Same Army – Servitors

Another squad done; this time some servitors to help the Tech-priest enginseer out.

These ones were built from a couple of genestealer cult models and two chaos cultists. Armed with a plasma cannon and a multi-melta, the two gun servitors are accompanied by a simple servo arm equipped servitor and a combat servitor.

I went with hi-viz orange to give them a sense of both the functional and also penitent aspect of being made a mind slave.

These were 50% of the remaining models I have built and ready to paint for the Guard. Painted in a single evening too.

Remaining I have: a commissar, Rein and Raus (ratlings from Blackstone Fortress), and Espern Locarno (navigator from BSF).

Oh, and Guardsman Sly Marbo, the model that sparked this army into life. I’m aiming to get these all done by New Year’s Eve.

Here’s the army so far (servitors not yet added), about 1500 or so points. This is the biggest army I’ve managed to build in my 25 plus years of being in the hobby and I’m feeling pleased with how it’s coming together.

I got some more models for Christmas in the form of the Munitorum Killzone so four containers and two tractors were built on Christmas Day evening and are awaiting undercoat when the weather allows.

I also got the first half of my KR storage (infantry) and am planning out the foam to hold the rest of the army.

Next steps are to pick up the remaining units to complete the force. I’m thinking of two more Sentinels, two-three more infantry squads, and two heavy weapons squads (three mortar teams and three auto cannon/heavy weapons teams). I also want to put together another special weapons squad with sniper rifles.

Until next time!

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