Diana’s Riggers

Last post before Christmas! I’ve been a bit more motivated for the last week or so, and have finally slapped some paint on the Escher gang.

Back in the 3rd edition Codex Armageddon, you could take Hive Gang Militia for a planetary defence force based army. These women were conscripted and placed with the 9th Gallian Yeomanry, seeing service in the lush equatorial jungle against the greenskin menace. They were then transferred into the service of the rogue trader’s retinue along with the remnants of the regiment.

This will count as an infantry squad, with the sergeant wielding a power sword, and her 2IC providing fire support with a plasma gun.

Between the painting sessions I also delved into the bitz box and put together a heavily augmented Astropath, using pieces from a chainrasp, Van Saar, Escher, and the Scions kit.

Hope to get this one painted in the Crimbo-Limbo.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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