GW Time limited post!

Quick, read this post! It’ll only be available in its current format until its still available afterwards…

Seems Games Workshop are up to their old tricks. They are still putting together ‘bundles’ that are available for a limited time, where the exact same contents are still available on the web store for…the exact same price!

Now, this has been covered by a few YouTubers but I just received an email advertising a Tau bundle which conforms to the same shady marketing scam bullshit.

Once I can forgive, but this is now quite a few they’ve done.

I’ve emailed them to tell them what I think about this blatant marketing hype scam and if you want to as well, here’s their contact page:

9 thoughts on “GW Time limited post!

    1. Other paints are available. All of mine are painted with Coat d’Arms and Army Painter. It makes me so angry that they continue this even after they’ve been called out for it so many times. It’s really bad ethics and they need to know about it!

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      1. As a seasoned boycotter that tactic only goes so far. Once you’re not a customer, they don’t listen anymore (not that they listen much to their customers anyway…). Still, it doesn’t feel pleasant to support a company with those kind of cheap tricks.

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      2. I haven’t bought anything from them directly for many years, but obviously the independent retailers are just distributors in the chain. Just made me grumpy before Christmas.

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