For the Emperor? A Rogue Trader Crusade Order of Battle

Here is my Rogue Trader Crusade list, ready to set forth into the unknown and remind the xenos species that their stuff actually belongs to the Imperium (for a modest finders fee of course…). Here are the models I have ready (mostly) for a 50 power level initial crusade force.

Leading the expedition is an Astra Cartographica Rogue Trader (Octarius Book 2: Critical Mass) (3 Power)

A Voidsmen-at-arms team (ibid) (2 Power) provide a close support body guard. They are accompanied by the rogue trader’s favourite pet, a gene-spliced Aquileon (canid).

The Astra Militarum 9th Gallia Regiment detachment is lead by a Company Commander (2) and his Command squad (2) bearing the Regimental standard. Having fought during the Armageddon campaign and suffering great losses, they have been attached to the rogue trader’s force as an army of conquest, the closest a guardsman gets to retirement.

These Veterans (5) are affectionately known as ‘The Last Hogs’. They were deployed among the equatorial jungles of Armageddon against hordes of savage orks, including the boar riding Snakebite clan. Their victories are commemorated in the standard carried by the squad’s Corporal.

No that’s not a dusting of ash from the fields of Armageddon, they are next on the paint table 😉

During the Armageddon campaign, units were attached from the local PDF, including a squad of Hive Gang Militia (Infantry Squad) (3). This gang, known as “The Riggers” are armed with ancient lasguns and are renowned for their ferocity in close combat.

To bolster the numbers, Conscripts (5) have been raised. As their experience grows, leaders and other technical specialists will be identified and they will be formed into infantry squads and platoons.

A Scout Sentinel (3) provides some mechanised scouting capability. Its armament reflects its last assignment in the jungle, with a heavy flamer and a chainsaw.

The company commander also has the use of a Chimera, armed with a heavy flamer turret, and hull mounted heavy bolter (5).

Leading the Regimental support staff is a Lord Commissar (3).

Another Commissar (2) is attached to assist with troop discipline as the regiment develops.

The Scions (3) act as a body guard for the Lord Commissar.

Seeing to the spiritual needs of the troops is a Ministorum Priest (2).

A Primaris Psyker (3) provides some er… psychic support.

Vehicle maintenance is under the auspices of the Adeptus Mechanicus who have sent a Tech Priest Enginseer (2) to soothe the machine spirits.

Lastly a squad of abhuman Bullgryns (5) provide some muscle.

So, a 50 power level crusade list with a narrative theme. Probably terrible from a gaming perspective of course but we’ll find out as a new campaign kicks off in the new year.

I’m still working out some of the narrative details for the force, like names and so on, and of course the hive gangers need painting.

Of course I still have the other units (Tank Commander, heavy weapons, etc…) painted throughout the year to add to the force as the crusade progresses. The conscripts will be rearranged into their infantry squads as well.

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