Support staff and bodyguard

Managed to get a bit of painting in between bouts of illness.

First up, I changed out the power fist on the Scions sergeant for a power sword, and cut down the box operators back pack to add a bedroll(?). I’d originally built these as the Drop Force Imperator set up, but they will now serve to be the personal guard for my Lord Commissar.

Speaking of Commissars, I got round to Severina Raine. Together with the Tech-priest Enginseer, these two got a tabletop paint job. I may go back to them later to add some further details but they are in service for the time being.

Finally, my Rogue Trader’s personal bodyguard have been completed. An ersatz version of Nitsch’s squad.

I still have another five Van Saar bodies left, so I can make some more to bulk out the squad, or I may just sell the remainder.

I’ve got a Command Squad on the painting table now, and I may even make a start on the Escher gang….

5 thoughts on “Support staff and bodyguard

    1. Thanks. I had considered a blue trim like the old commissar training squads, but went with red instead. I painted these prior to starting on the rest of the army, but they fit nicely I think.

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