Officers’ Mess – 2 HQ and an Elite

I’ve managed another couple of units over the last two days.

First we have a company commander. He is a Major with overall command of A company. His command squad has been built and is awaiting priming.

Next we have another company commander (on the left) and his command squad. This Captain has command of an infantry platoon in A company. His squad includes the company surgeon.

I also put together a bodyguard unit for the Rogue Trader. Using the Necromunda Van Saar gang and a Gryph Hound from Age of Sigmar, I’ve put together an approximation of Nitsch’s Voidsmen from Kill Team: Rogue Trader, who have received some 9th edition rules in the Octarius: Critical Mass book.

The void master has been given a cut down T’au Pulse blaster as a shotgun proxy and the rotor cannon is made from the Rad cannon with an assault cannon barrel.

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