Oh, what a Knight!

No, I haven’t yet succumbed to painting up an Imperial Knight for my Guard army (note the ‘yet’…), but I have indulged in painting up a couple of historical minis to try to break this painting block I’ve been in.

Now, it’s been over 20 years since I last painted a historical mini (Imperial Romans I believe), and so getting used to realistic proportions after so many heroic scale minis was a challenge.

I opted for a French chevalier and ecuyer (Knight and squire) in 28mm Perry plastics based on UK 1 penny coins. As it’s Bastille Day tomorrow it seemed fitting.

His coat of arms belongs to the de Lattier family from the Dauphine in south eastern France (I am a distant descendant). I used a variation of these arms for my Rogue Trader sigil.

The banner was painfully hand painted onto printer paper.

It was a nice change and I’m feeling a bit more motivated to get the Guard squad finished now 🙂

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