Terrain Tracks

Remember the Woodland Scenics trees I picked up earlier in the year? Well I thought I’d try out getting them ready for the table.

I stuck the bases for three of them onto an old DVD and covered the surface with decorators caulk. Once I’d spread it out thinly I added a handful of very fine sand from the local beach and left it to dry overnight. I forgot to take any work in progress shots, but it was a simple process.

Sprayed black and then dry brushed dark brown, light brown, dark green, and then light green in places. I could have used flock but I don’t have any on hand. The trees were then stuck into the bases and the trunk and visible branches were given a black wash to tone down the brown shiny plastic.

These are very utilitarian, wargame type trees. The surface is flat enough to put figures on, and there’s space for about five easily on 25mm bases.

The circle shaped base is something I’d usually avoid, but it isn’t that offensive. The DVD provides a strong and thin base that shouldn’t stand out too much against a mat.

Pretty happy with the result and I’ll be doing something similar with the rest.

2 thoughts on “Terrain Tracks

  1. I agree, they are nice looking trees and good bases, which as you say don’t look like they’ll stand out too much and will blend in to most dark boards, I think.

    Are the trees of the type you can take them out of their bases or are they glued in?

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