I can hardly contain myself…

I’ve had a few weeks off from 40K stuff, playing a few sessions of D&D and getting distracted by new minis. Some of this has been prompted by a few of the recent releases from GW in the form of the re-released Killzones. I can understand their price points, but their utter dishonesty in advertising, removing a third from the product AND increasing the price by 20% brings out the grognard in me.

To get myself back into the swing of the forty first millennium I based up enough guardsmen to get a third squad (I can’t face the Escher gang yet…) and painted up my sole armoured container (from an issue of Conquest).

I had toyed with the idea of adding hinges to allow the door free movement but impatience with the fiddly nature of it led to the doors being welded shut.

I’m not happy with it, and will probably dry brush a highlight or two here and there, but it’s done for now.

I think I’m going to stick with any hobby session on a Wednesday being Warhammer (if alliteration is good enough for Stan Lee…it’s good enough for me), so updates will probably go weekly. We still haven’t got any 40k or KillTeam games in, but the youngest picked up KT Pariah with his birthday money, so expect Necrons chomping on my Guard soon.


7 thoughts on “I can hardly contain myself…

  1. Always liked the looks of these containers but never got round to picking them up.
    Yours looks rather nice, I like the dark blue and the transfers make it that bit more unique.

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    1. Thanks Jenn. I only picked the one up but I can imagine getting a few more. The Cadian sheet has so many numbers that I won’t use, so there’s a few combinations I can make.

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  2. Looks good, I think dark blue-almost black is a good choice — I’ve never seen one of these in black before in person — and maybe a few little highlights, as you say, would make it even better. Like Jenn, I also think the transfers are a nice touch. If you did get an urge to spice it up a bit, I wonder if picking out the skulls in a different color would add anything? Don’t think it really needs it though.

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