Dungeon Pizza!

Cross posted from my other (new) blog: Dark Dungeons & Dragons Lairs.

Let’s kick things off here with a crafting post.

The inspiration for this project came from Professor Dungeon Master over at the DungeonCraft YouTube channel:

I really like the abstraction of combat mapping shown in this video (and a couple of others on the same topic), and so I started planning out a build of my own. I think that the ‘theatre in the round’ design works so well and I went through a number of design sketches before settling on the build below.

Instead of adding centre and outside circles as part of the surface, I thought that some form of lighting effect could achieve the same ends, just as they do on stage.

Step One – the base

Rather than cutting this from XPS foam I thought that I would merge two of my favourite things: gaming, and CAKE! The board is a 10 inch diameter cake drum, not a cake board as those are too thin. I started by marking out a 1 inch grid on the surface and then hitting the drum with a rock to give some texture.

Step Two – the detailing

Each square was drawn out with a black biro. I copied the floor patterns from the 1979 Games Workshop Dungeon Floor Plans 1 set for that ‘old school’ feel.

Step 3 – painting

I didn’t take stage by stage photos during this part but the piece was undercoated with Citadel Chaos Black spray and then drybrushed with Army Painter Dungeon Grey.

The centre circle was then created using a CD as a template and drybrushed with Army Painter Leather Brown.

The centre circle was completed with a drybrush of Army Painter Barbarian Flesh, followed by Daemonic Yellow. The outer circle was added with a drybrush of Matt Black. There were some tiny spots where the foil was showing through (I was afraid that might happen – perhaps an overall coat of modpodge might work?), so these were touched up. I also added some brown and green spots with Coat d’Arms Inks before putting down some blood stains with Citadel Khorne Red and Coat d’Arms Chestnut Ink.

The edge was painted in Matt Black and two coats of spray satin varnish added (from a 2004 can of Purity Seal – all gone now!).

Set up with some minis below. Door (Wizkids) and table (Mantic). The brave Dirk (Hasslefree Miniatures) faces off against the Aarnz Hound (HackMaster – previously Kenzer & Co, now Iron Wind Metals) with support from Piffany (Magnificent Heroes Egos) in the ‘Here’ zone, while Knuckles the thief (HackMaster) stays back to waste it with his crossbow from the ‘There’ zone.

I’ve got plans for a few more varieties and sizes of these boards that will feature over the coming months.


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