March Forwards!

February’s output was nowhere near what I wanted to achieve, in fact I haven’t painted anything since my last update. I even missed out on painting up Severina Raine for Lead Balloony’s Fembruary challenge.

There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, the other two players in our household Tale of Four Three Gamers have achieved even less than me. We haven’t managed to get our game on yet as the others are still painting their initial forces. Motivation is therefore lower for me to complete troops I can’t use yet. Still, with a ‘roadmap’ (of sorts) to the gradual (and I hope it’s very gradual and guided by evidence!) easing of restrictions then I may be able to get a game in the wider community.

Secondly I became aware of how little decent terrain we had, and I hate playing on Planet Golf Course, amidst the Book Hills and downtown Bean Can district. So I got paralysed by terrain making choices. I did manage to undercoat some Ryza ruins and a Munitorum container though.

Thirdly I’ve been wooed back into other pursuits like RPGs (we play D&D weekly) and the wilds of Frostgrave. Rather than post about those aspects of my hobby on here, I’ve been tinkering around with another blog site (no posts yet) to tell my tales of derring do. As usual my mind struggles to cope on more than one thing (or project) and so 40K got the silent treatment.

So the plan remains much as it was last month – to get some paint on those models that are assembled and undercoated. Once those are complete, I can undercoat and paint the assembled ones, then get to building (etc…) the boxed ones.

I’m going to commit at least one hobby session a week to doing this, so there’ll be some progress.

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