#NewYearNewArmy – Parts 9 & 10- Elites

Time for another update! Given the awful weather we’ve had recently, I’ve not really been able to prime anything (either too wet or too windy), so I decided to look through my upcoming models to see what was ‘brush ready’.

The tally was (from the top left, clockwise):
– company command squad
– 1/2 infantry squad (I actually have two more minis prepped for this)
– platoon command squad
– platoon commander
– tech-priest enginseer
– commissar Severina Raine
– company commander

As they were already part painted (having abandoned them in January), the units that got some attention this time were the platoon commander and command squad.

My platoons are based around the old 1st edition Guard squads of tactical, assault, and support. This lieutenant and his vets are from the assault platoon, packing a plasma pistol and power fist on the commander, and two melta guns in his command squad. The medic and vox caster are armed with laspistol and chainsword so they can join in the fun. I’ve been painting the ‘stripes’ on the special weapons troopers in the old colours for the squads – red for tactical, blue for support, and green for assault. Apart from the army badge, it’s the only markings I’ve bothered with so far.

Another Character and Any Model (as they don’t fit elsewhere) slot filled on Hobby Bingo!

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