#NewYearNewArmy – Part 8 – Troops (the second)

I have now finished the last of the units I’d planned for January and the 25 power Combat Patrol is done. Only two weeks overdue…

Pictures are a little fuzzy

And all gathered together:

I’ve added the Rogue Trader’s sigil transfers to the rest of the units, as well as recolouring the holo projection in green.

According to the Battleforge List builder in the 40K app, this adds up to 499 points:

Astra Militarum – Combat Patrol – Eternal War ( 3CP – 499PT – 1PT )
Astra Militarum Patrol Detachment ( 2CP – 499PT )

Aradia Madellan (45)
PSYCHIC POWERS: Psychic Augment

WARLORD: Lord Castellan Creed (60)
TRAITS: Superior Tactical Training

Infantry Squad (65) 7x Guardsman 1x Guardsman: Plasma gun, Plasma gun 1x Guardsman: Vox-caster 1x Sergeant: Chainsword
Infantry Squad (65) 7x Guardsman 1x Guardsman: Grenade launcher 1x Guardsman: Vox-caster 1x Sergeant: Chainsword

Bullgryns (105) 1x Bullgryn Bone ’ead: Bullgryn maul 2x Bullgryn: Bullgryn maul
Special Weapons Squad (49) 3x Guardsman 3x Guardsman - Special Weapon: Flamer

FAST ATTACK Scout Sentinels (47) Heavy flamer, Sentinel chainsaw

HEAVY SUPPORT Heavy Weapons Squad (63) 1x Heavy Weapons Team: Lascannon 2x Heavy Weapons Team: Missile launcher

Total Command Points: 2/5
Reinforcement Points: 1
Total Points: 499/500

However, according to the latest FAQ points update, that Heavy Weapon team should be 65 points, not 63. Good to see the errors have been fixed… The FAQ also only has lascannon and missile launcher as an upgrade for these squads. Error or foreshadowing of the codex?

Onwards to February’s goal!

5 thoughts on “#NewYearNewArmy – Part 8 – Troops (the second)

    1. I try to keep reminding myself that I set the deadline and it’s not as if there’s an event coming up! I think I painted 17 figures and two vehicles in the whole of 2020, so the last six weeks knocks it out of the park.

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