It’s oh so quiet…

How’s the painting going you ask? Well…

I still haven’t finished the last infantry squad from the January combat patrol. Most of the base coating has been done, and I’m planning on getting them done by the end of this weekend. I would say that real life has got in the way, but in truth I just haven’t been that motivated to finish them.

Whether it was the frenzied burst of activity in January (doubling the number of posts on this blog and also gathering a small band of followers- thank you btw!), or just the fact that I prefer variety when painting (don’t ask why I’ve gone for an infantry based Guard army!), I’m in a hobby slump. At least for this project.

Thanks to a sale at my FLGS (online I might add), I scored a set of the Woodland Scenics Value Pack Deciduous trees for £10 (rather than the £30 odd that they retail for).

These are going to be based up using some old CDs (cut up into more ‘natural’ shapes) in order to provide some cover.

I’ve also picked up a set of Ryza Ruins to go with some of our existing Mechanicus terrain, as my other terrain project has 1. stalled, and 2. got a certain aesthetic to it which will look great but does limit gameplay a bit.

It was also my youngest’s birthday recently and so I’ve been engaged with building space marine vehicles. He can generally manage the marines themselves but the vehicles are a stretch. It’s quite disheartening to put together a vehicle that you know is going to rip into your army shortly.

In the meantime it’s been great to read up on other’s progress (or similar lack of it) via this community.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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