Who Run the World? Las-Girls!

As a little treat for getting (most) of my painting done, tonight’s hobby session was focused on building kits. The first squad on the list for February is the Escher gang.

This is a great kit with two copies of each body, but loads of customisation options with the weapons and heads/hair. Six of them were built with the lasguns, which left me with four remaining.

The leader/sergeant had some minor customisation with a power sword and laspistol combo. Unfortunately there’s no chainsword in the kit (being a Forge World option) and I didn’t want to use a standard Guard chainsword, so power sword it was:

Next up was a conversion for the autoguns in the kit. Despite them being identical to lasguns rules-wise, it was a simple job to remove the muzzle and magazine and glue on replacements taken from the surfeit of laspistols supplied.

Quite happy with how they turned out.

Lastly the most complicated part – a special weapons trooper. I had thought about a flamer using the chem thrower in the kit, or using an old space marine plasma gun, but instead I took a shotgun and plasma pistol from the kit and applied a healthy dose of blade and file to make a bespoke plasma gun:

Still a bit of green stuffing/detailing to add to the stock of the shotgun, but overall I like the look of it.

In other news I had a go at filling out the third squad of Cadians I abandoned in January. I’m missing some guardsmen from this squad due to them joining the Special Weapon squad. I found another three push fit Cadians that I had used for a test scheme and I’m going to give these a blast of primer.

Hopefully they won’t lose too much detail then I can use them to replace the guardsmen. If not, then I’ll have to get some more. I also re-armed the kneeling guardsman with a grenade launcher I had spare from the Command Squad. While I don’t plan on painting these Cadians until March, it’s nice to get them ready.

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