#NewYearNewArmy – Part 7 – Heavy Support

In today’s hobby episode, the Heavy Support choice of the Combat Patrol is completed with the addition of the penultimate unit: the Heavy Weapons Squad.

This was one of those units where I had not considered ease of painting before I’d stuck them to the bases and glued sand all over. They certainly put the ‘pain’ in painting.

I did get the transfers out and added the Rogue Trader’s sigil on the shoulder. I’ll have to go back over the units completed in January to add this.

I also had a play with some gallows graffiti on the missile:

They may only be tabletop quality, but they fight like any others!

While I was in a waterslide mood, I also did some of the vehicles I had painted last year:

The Company Chimera (still working out what to write on the side scroll…)
Roll out the barrel…
Tank Ace

I had a bit of fun with the Leman Russ. As well as the unit markings and sigil, I also added the “My Other Tank Is A Baneblade” as shown on the Vehicle Augmentation Enhancements bumper stickers from Warhammer Community. Simply reduced and printed out on the old inkjet and PVA applied.

Just the Infantry squad to finish now and I can get started on February’s models!

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