#NewYearNewArmy – Parts 9 & 10- Elites

Time for another update! Given the awful weather we've had recently, I've not really been able to prime anything (either too wet or too windy), so I decided to look through my upcoming models to see what was 'brush ready'. The tally was (from the top left, clockwise):- company command squad- 1/2 infantry squad (I … Continue reading #NewYearNewArmy – Parts 9 & 10- Elites

#NewYearNewArmy – Part 8 – Troops (the second)

I have now finished the last of the units I'd planned for January and the 25 power Combat Patrol is done. Only two weeks overdue... Pictures are a little fuzzy And all gathered together: I've added the Rogue Trader's sigil transfers to the rest of the units, as well as recolouring the holo projection in … Continue reading #NewYearNewArmy – Part 8 – Troops (the second)