Ha! Take that Nurgle!

Not a modelling/painting post, but a bit of Real Life good news.

At the end of 2019 I was diagnosed with a rare condition called sarcoidosis, and therefore when COVID hit, I went into ‘shielding’.

Today, thanks to the tech-adepts at the Departmento Astra-Xenia deploying the stratagem ‘Shot in the Arm’, I now have a 3+ save vs COVID.

In a few turns, they will hopefully spend a CP on ‘Booster Shot’ and take that to a 2+.

I’m a real needle phobic, to such an extent that I would rather a vampire bit me and spat it out than have a blood test, but this one was no issue.

While it won’t change my day to day behaviour (I’m still shielding), it does give my family more confidence that I won’t get seriously ill from COVID.

Anyway, stay safe, wear a mask, and paint those minis!

6 thoughts on “Ha! Take that Nurgle!

  1. Congratulations and a good thing you had that stratagem to play. Hopefully you’ll get more QCCP’s (Quarantine Compliance Command Points) in future turns so to keep up the great momentum you’ve built up in the mid-game!

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