Kitbash Corner – Colour Sergeant Kell

As my army is led by Lord Castellan Creed (for rules purposes anyway), it only seems fitting that he is accompanied by his faithful heterosexual life partner Colour Sergeant Kell. Now as CS Kell died in the Fall of Cadia, I’m not holding out much hope for him to make an appearance in the next iteration of the Astra Militarum Codex, but he’s making the most of his time. Given that I’m only using the rules for Kell, I had a scramble round the bitz box for some pieces to create a model to represent him.

Using a push-fit Chaos cultist as the base, I added a power fist and banner arm from the Astra Militarum Command Squad. The head is from the Bretonnian Men-at-arms kit, while the banner is taken from a Space Marine Commander topped with an eagle from the old metal Space Marine standard bearer. I could never work out why they used a single headed eagle rather than the double aquila, but this fits with the old RT artwork better anyway.

I’m currently reviewing what’s on the painting table for February, but assuming I get the combat patrol finished in the next couple of days, Kell is making the cut for sure.

12 thoughts on “Kitbash Corner – Colour Sergeant Kell

  1. While I did not like the Cadia Stands and Cadian Honor books all that much, I am glad I actually know something about a character that featured in those books. Did Creed really die though? Or have they just not discovered his body? Hard to find a body when the whole world of Cadia was blown to smithereens…

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      1. I read some of the Shira Calpurnia novels recently as well as Rogue Star and Star of Damocles. I wasn’t impressed by any of them really. I also read Unremembered Empire. Most of this has been to inform the background writing for my army though, so I was reading with a different purpose.

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