Transferring in

I started getting the last two squads base coated tonight. Only the flesh done so far. Sixteen models in total is probably the most I’ve painted at one time since my historical wargame days.

I also finished off the bullgryns’ brute shields, giving me some options in play.

Magnetised for easy switching.

The eagle-eyed among you will also note the infinity symbol added to the slab shields.

Back in the 1st edition 40K Book of the Astronomican, troops attached to a Rogue Trader would wear his badge on a tabard:

While on a walk yesterday, an idea began to form as to how I could implement this in my own force. Today I grabbed an old push fit Cadian I used for testing and tried out the idea:

It was a simple matter to take an eight from the Cadia transfer sheet and apply it sideways to make the infinity badge of the De Lattyr house. Quite pleased with the result.

It’s been added to the back of the boys armour too:

Just need to add it to the rest of the infantry and vehicles now!

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