#NewYearNewArmy – Part 5 – More Elites

The second Elite slot in the burgeoning Combat Patrol is full of Bullgryns. Things seem to have taken ages this week, and these chaps are no exception. Adding some much needed close combat support both for 40k and Kill Team.

I was unsure about the colour scheme and ended up painting them in the same uniform colours as the rest of the infantry. The Quartermaster must have had some in XXXXXL sizes…. The slab shields just had a drybrush of Boltgun Metal, the stripes painted and slightly weathered, and the central emblems picked out in Balthasar Gold.

The shields have been magnetised so I can swap out the slab shields and (unpainted as yet) brute shields.

I’ve currently painted 16 out of 25 power from my January plan.

To go:
– Rogue Trader (as Creed – 3)
– Infantry Squad (3)
– Heavy Weapons Squad (3)

I’m doubting if I’ll make my deadline of 31 January for this, but we’ll see how it goes over the final seven days.

11 thoughts on “#NewYearNewArmy – Part 5 – More Elites

  1. Nice ogres and very mean looking with those shields and cudgels. Just the sort of blokes I would want to use as mobile cover/hide behind if I were a rank-and-file guardswoman!

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      1. Sounds like a solid plan. Can they still fit in a Chimera (or some newer vehicle I’m not aware of) and if so what is the max squad size if they want a ride?

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      2. They can, but they take up three spaces each (so up to four in a Chimera). I like to take them with a priest and a commissar, so I’d have to squeeze just three in if they all want a ride.

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    1. I always planned to get some ogryns in my 2nd ed army, but for some reason never did. I’ve got four ripper guns left from this kit that I intend to kitbash with some of the Age of Sigmar ogres to make some primitive looking ogryns.

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