A Rogue Trader Dynasty

My Astra Militarum/Imperial Guard troops have been assigned by the clerks at the Munitorum to the service of a Rogue Trader from the ancient house of De Lattyr, who has recently come into his Warrant of Trade.

Stretching back millennia, the house of De Lattyr was once a proud and influential house. The warrant was granted during the dark period of the Horus Heresy in M31, although none are truly sure exactly when. It is rumoured that the warrant bears the seal of not one, but three of the Primarchs, however these rumours are dismissed as fanciful. What is known is that the fleet headed into the Eastern Fringe under Lord Jakubus De Lattyr, taking two companies of Imperial Army soldiers and an entire company drawn from the Legions of the Adeptus Astartes space marines (their chapter is not recorded).

The sigil of House De Lattyr

The expedition did not return to Imperial space for many years, but won many battles and riches in the frontiers of the galaxy. Scions of the house took up important positions in the organisations of the Imperium on their return, and many cadet branches were formed, ruling over whole systems.

Alas, as is the fate of many noble houses, their successes led to their decline. An uprising by an insidious genestealer cult in their home system forced them to leave their seat of power and resettle on an agri-planet. There they sought to rebuild their fortunes through trade, but the reigning Lord De Lattyr was a drunk and a gambler, and lost all that he gained. The shattered remnant of the house continued onward, with a fraction of the riches they once held.

The current holder of the warrant is Adeodatus De Lattyr. As the second son of the family, he had received his education in the Schola Progenium and taken up a commission in the Imperial Guard as an infantry officer with the 2nd Hamwic Tigers regiment. He saw service in few theatres of war, however he earned commendations for his actions on Ichar IV, and in the fierce fighting of the Third War for Armageddon. After resigning his commission he held a variety of posts in the Administratum, before being appointed as the planetary governor of Ovilemus IV, close to the Signus Cluster.

The warrant was bestowed upon him following the death of the previous holder, his elder brother. Having obtained a warp capable vessel in the form of an ancient Cobra-class destroyer and drafted troop support with a mix of Imperial Guard and private mercenaries, he has set off into the Pariah Nexus with the hope of archeotech riches to restore his families status.

4 thoughts on “A Rogue Trader Dynasty

    1. Thanks. I struggle with names. Planets, individuals, regiments, it doesn’t matter. I find that writing some narrative helps to steer me away from the competitive focus, and back to the stories I want to take part in.


      1. I’m much more into narrative games than competitive ones. It’s probably why I jump between armies. I think “wouldn’t it be cool to be able to do this?” Start planning or building that thing, but then get inspired by something else, “wouldn’t it be cool to do this thing?” And a new project is born…

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