She moves in her own Way

One of the best things that’s happened to me as a parent is the ability to share my interests with my children. Whether it’s a favourite movie, a board game play through, a D&D session, or a wargame battle.

While my sons have both followed me into the Dark Millennium, my daughter embraces different geekdoms. She finds Warhammer “tedious” but is partial to an RPG game.

A couple of months back we were watching The Mandalorian when I posited the idea of playing a sci-fi RPG set in a new frontier on the edge of a galactic empire. No, not Star Wars but Fantasy Flight Games Rogue Trader. We rolled up characters with my daughter choosing to make an Arch-militant frontierswoman with a sniper rifle.

Today I decided to put together a model to represent the character using some bits from my Imperial Guard leftovers. I was inspired by a couple of posts I saw recently on Carrion Crows Buffet ( and Lead Balloony (, which got me thinking both about female representation in games and also cool space Amazon warrior women miniatures.

As my daughter is a big fan of The Mandalorian, I thought it would be cool to combine some of the imagery from characters in the series, namely Cara Dune, Fennec Shand, and of course Mando himself.

Working with these, and some spare command squad, scions, Escher gang bits, and under the artistic direction of said daughter, we came up with this:

That mould line has been dealt with.

Proper armour, sensible shoes, and a sniper rifle. That’s what I call a space Amazon warrior woman!

7 thoughts on “She moves in her own Way

  1. I hopebyour daughter is suitably happy with her character. Certainly looks more like a ‘real’ combatant than, say, those produced by Raging Heroes – although I have to admit to being tempted by their sci-fi battle nuns. The only problem is that If I buy one, I might want more.

    I never did make the original deodorant stick grav-tank, but did convert one of the original Rhino’s into a Whirlwind using the guide in White Dwarf. Ah, those were the days…

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