Ah, nostalgia’s not like it used to be!

I was having a look through my bits box case, when I came upon this little fellow:

Probably the only word I know in the Zulu language is ubuntu.

This 1/72 Zulu is from the ESCI set 213 – Zulu Warriors. Not just from that set, but from the very first box of wargame figures that I bought as a young lad.

As well as being a wonderful piece of nostalgic gold, it also happens to be the very first figure I converted. The original looked like this:

Unfortunately he’s lost his assegai somewhere along the way. It’s probably in the case but 1/72 scale spears are tiny and there’s 25 years of bits in there.

I also couldn’t find any of the British troops but did find a lone Roman legionary:

I think he may have failed a morale check…

He’s sine pilum et scutum (my Latin is terribilis). I don’t recall the manufacturer other than I picked up quite a few at a discount, and abandoned them after getting some better sculpts from Wargames Foundry. This one has the calves of a Mr Universe contender!

Once my 40k Imperial Guard are done, I may have to revisit these periods and do some historical gaming again.

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