A World of Command Points

Tonight’s hobby session started with putting down a basecoat and wash on the Scout Sentinel. This one is from the recalled 4th Brython Foresters regiment.

While I was waiting for it to dry, my eye was drawn to some of the other models I’d picked out for this month.

Among them was a little project I started during the early part of the first lockdown last year. When I first saw the Genestealer Cult Nexos model I knew that I wanted to paint up the holo-projector, but when I saw the fact that it was displaying an attack on a familiar building (GeeDubs HQ at Warhammer World), I was doubly sure:

So here’s my version:

Instead of just painting the model though, I wanted to make it useful and thought it would make an ideal command point dial:

This was a reasonably easy conversion. I cut away the genestealer hand that was resting on the table, and used some triangular fins cut from the back of some smoke launchers to frame the view port.

Instead of gluing the top part to the bottom half, I drilled a hole in the centre and added a matching pin under the top part so that it can rotate.

The dial itself was coloured and sized on computer and printed on thin card. I’ve got the capability to go up to twenty command points on this, plenty I think now in 9th edition.

I’m counting this as an ‘Any Model’ box for Hobby Bingo 2021.

The Nexos itself didn’t go to waste. After a thorough gene-cleanse and mind wipe, he’s now toting a plasma cannon for the Imperium as a servitor:

Thanks for reading!

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