#NewYearNewArmy – Part 3 – Elites

It’s time for the third unit of the new army and this one is an Elite choice.

Now, the choices on my original list were the Platoon Commander and Command Squad. I actually did start painting both these units, but following a chat about our upcoming Kill Team battles I realised that I would only have 58 points of models from the Infantry Squad and the Platoon Commander would be of no use in the initial games.

So, having rethought the units that were coming up in future months and the units I could put together without having to buy more models (yet…), I settled on the following switch out in the initial list:

Platoon Commander (2 Power), Command Squad (2 Power), and Infantry Squad (3 Power) > Special Weapons Squad (2 Power) and Bullgryns (5 Power).

This squad is part of the Company HQ platoon and comes equipped with three flamers to clear foliage and flush enemies out of cover.

Three units down, five to go!

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