You must bring us…A STATUARY!

Back in the grim dark days of April 2020 I began to form a plan for some 40k tabletop scenery. While I spent most of the year making prototype after prototype for the buildings and therefore not getting much done, I did manage to make a few pieces of scatter terrain.

First up was an Imperial Statue to inspire the troops. Inspiration for the piece came from the statues that have graced the front of GW HQ in Nottingham:

I thought that a melding of the two statues would be a great way to represent a hero of the Imperium, so I used a Stormcast Eternal for the base and added some bitz such as a Deathwing Thunder Hammer, Terminator Shield, Primaris helmet, an Iron Halo, and a High Elf Chariot cloak and lion head. These were donated by the two Dark Angels players in the house.

The plinth was made from some old Warhammer bases and skulls, with Mordheim quoin corner pieces supporting cereal box panels to form the box.

The lion head on the left shoulder is a reference to a popular landmark in Nottingham: the Left Lion in front of the Council House.

I also put together three fence sections from aluminium car repair mesh, bamboo skewers, and some Army Painter razorwire. The CCTV style sign was put together in Google Slides and printed on ordinary paper.

Lastly I made some “Czech Hedgehog” tank traps using the excellent tutorial at Battleground Hobbies. It’s such a shame that bases don’t come on free terrain sprues anymore!

7 thoughts on “You must bring us…A STATUARY!

    1. Thanks. I’m trying to weave some narrative into my models and this statue was the first tiny part of a grander 6 foot square table. All will be revealed over the coming months (once I can get the supplies I need…).

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    1. I was quite surprised at how well both the primaris and terminator bits scaled. Maybe the rumours are true and Sigmar is one of the lost primarchs *ducks for cover* 😉


    1. Thanks. I need to make the base (I used an ice cream stick) a little wider as they are quite liable to fall over. They’re a prototype really as they’re quite short and I’m trying to figure out a way of connecting sections together.

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