40k Battle Forge App – a Combat Patrol list

Following the absolutely abysmal offering that was the initial release of the 40k app I was quite reticent to give it another go, but with the release of the Battle Forge army builder part and on the basis that the first month is free…

To be honest, not much has really improved. Ok so they’ve fixed the Core Rules pdf thingy but I actually found that format easier to read. The Battle Forge part of the app is ok but has some serious flaws. I’m using the iOS version on an iPhone SE and the user interface is terrible, possibly due to the screen size, with you only being able to use part of the screen to edit the detachments.

Other issues include:
– not being able to change the army name after creation
– power levels not shown in the Battle Forge app (strategic reserves anyone?)
– inability to duplicate units (yes I’d like to enter 12 Guard infantry squads exactly the same, and don’t want to have to update each one individually)
– not including Creed’s 2CP bonus for being the Warlord
– I could go on…& on…&on…

Nevertheless, here’s the app output for my January Painting Combat Patrol (prior to the January Power/Point/FAQ drop):

Astra Militarum – Combat Patrol – Eternal War ( 3CP – 487PT – 13PT )

Astra Militarum Patrol Detachment ( 2CP – 487PT )
Aradia Madellan (45)
PSYCHIC POWERS: Psychic Augment
WARLORD: Lord Castellan Creed (60)
TRAITS: Superior Tactical Training

Infantry Squad (60)
7x Guardsman
1x Guardsman: Plasma gun, Plasma Gun
1x Guardsman: Vox-caster
1x Sergeant: Chainsword
Infantry Squad (60)
7x Guardsman
1x Guardsman: Flamer
1x Guardsman: Vox-caster
1x Sergeant: Chainsword
Infantry Squad (60)
7x Guardsman
1x Guardsman: Grenade launcher
1x Guardsman: Vox-caster
1x Sergeant: Chainsword

Command Squad (49)
1x Veteran: Chainsword, Laspistol
1x Veteran: Chainsword, Laspistol, Medi-pack
2x Veteran: Meltagun
Platoon Commander (40) Plasma pistol 1, Power fist 1
RELICS: Kurov’s Aquila

Scout Sentinels (47) Heavy flamer, Sentinel chainsaw

Heavy Weapons Squad (66)
1x Heavy Weapons Team: Lascannon
2x Heavy Weapons Team: Missile launcher

Total Command Points: 2/5
Reinforcement Points: 13
Total Points: 487/500

Now, there’s a few errors in this output:
– Why is Plasma Gun shown twice?
– What does the 1 mean after the Plasma Pistol and Power Fist for the Platoon Commander?
-Why does the total command points show 2/5 when I think it should actually be 5 (3CP for Combat Patrol +2CP for Creed as Warlord)?

I can’t understand how a company like GW who have high production values could let this train wreck continue for months like this.

I won’t pay for a pretty rubbish product when fans have produced better for free.

3 thoughts on “40k Battle Forge App – a Combat Patrol list

    1. It’s only worthwhile for me to look at data sheets for codexes I don’t have a bit easier on my phone, but then fans have created a number of online resources I can do this on better. I would probably avoid it. I definitely wouldn’t pay £3.99 GBP a month for it!

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