#NewYearNewArmy – Part 2 – HQ

First HQ unit done: Aradia Madellan – Primaris Psyker from the Blackstone Fortress Escalation game. I was trying to work out which HQ to do first, the psyker or Creed. Decided to go with the psyker as she’s usable in both Kill Team and 40k.

Wow, the camera’s really unforgiving…

Took me about 4 1/2 hours. Reasonably happy with how she turned out, but I’m probably going to start watching some paint tutorials. I still paint pretty much the way I always have – prime, basecoat blocking, washes, and then highlighting (generally one).

One thought on “#NewYearNewArmy – Part 2 – HQ

  1. Looking good I really like the rich green of the loincloth. Your paint method sounds good to me, I sometimes also do a little second highlight just on a very small amount of areas, but normally fairly similar to what you are saying.

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