#NewYearNewArmy – Part 1 – Troops

Yesterday saw the lid coming off the paint box and the first models begun. Today sees them finished!

Can I get away with crappy painting if I take crappy pictures?

The first squad of the newly formed 9th Arcadia regiment is completed. These will form the first troops choice for the combat patrol, as well as being my initial kill team roster (although they only add up to 58 points in Kill Team…).

The colour scheme is very loosely based on the 2nd edition Cadians:

Why bother with camouflage and then paint your rifles BRIGHT RED?!

I’d like to use the old style company/platoon marking colours but I’m not convinced by the idea of having bright circles on the shoulder (as well as the fact I’d have to source some decals). I decided that brown was a better option for rifle casings than red, and would match the veterans I completed last year for Shadow War: Armageddon.

The front five troopers contain my sergeant (Leader specialist), Vox operator (Comms), Bayonet (possibly another specialist – combat or zealot maybe?), Grenadier (Demolitions), and Plasma Gunner (Sniper). The other five push-fit form a fire team of Guardsman. Definitely not a competitive kill team, but ready for reinforcing with my flamer special weapons team or some bullgryn later.

So with 3 Power completed from the troops slot, it’s onto a HQ choice next. I’ve got the choice of Creed (based on the Kal Jerico model) or a Primaris Psyker (using the Aradia Madellan model).

Decisions, decisions…

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