And so it begins

January has arrived and so our painting and gaming challenge begins.

January’s aim

A full combat patrol has been mustered, totalling 25 power and (I think) 497 points.

With Creed and a platoon commander in there, I can throw out 4 orders per turn, and the psyker can provide some brain energy support. The scout sentinel is packing a heavy flamer and chainsword, while the heavy weapons squad is on anti tank mode with a lascannon and two missile launchers. The infantry squads are carrying a plasma gun, grenade launcher, and flamer respectively (the flamer will be swapped out for another plasma gun at a later date). The command squad has box and medic alongside two melta guns. The platoon commander is armed with a power fist and plasma pistol.

Over in the bottom right of the picture is an additional model which is made from the holoprojecter in the Genestealer Nexos kit. I’ve converted this to make a Command Point counter and will provide further details in the painting update later in the month.

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