Ha! Take that Nurgle!

Not a modelling/painting post, but a bit of Real Life good news. At the end of 2019 I was diagnosed with a rare condition called sarcoidosis, and therefore when COVID hit, I went into ‘shielding’. Today, thanks to the tech-adepts at the Departmento Astra-Xenia deploying the stratagem ‘Shot in the Arm’, I now have a … Continue reading Ha! Take that Nurgle!

Kitbash Corner – Colour Sergeant Kell

As my army is led by Lord Castellan Creed (for rules purposes anyway), it only seems fitting that he is accompanied by his faithful heterosexual life partner Colour Sergeant Kell. Now as CS Kell died in the Fall of Cadia, I'm not holding out much hope for him to make an appearance in the next … Continue reading Kitbash Corner – Colour Sergeant Kell

Transferring in

I started getting the last two squads base coated tonight. Only the flesh done so far. Sixteen models in total is probably the most I’ve painted at one time since my historical wargame days. I also finished off the bullgryns’ brute shields, giving me some options in play. Magnetised for easy switching. The eagle-eyed among … Continue reading Transferring in